Time Heap

Time Tracking. Designed for attorneys, by attorneys.

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As your team-members interact with Time Heap, the system captures and reports data on case progress and team-member activity.

Time Heap is built for professions where time matters. It is built to be easy for use, and for minimum interaction and time-engagement of team-members.

Assigning tasks and time tracking of various types of activities are easy and intuitive.

Gathered data allows more optimal task distribution and prioritizing resources.

At any given moment real-time analytics are available regarding Clients, Cases, Tasks and Employee activity for any given period of time.

Our Approach

Time Heap is built around following six key features.


Manage your Clients, Cases and Tasks inside your office with ease.


Highly functional design suitable for desktop and handheld platforms.


Minimal & intuitive interaction for maximum results.


Relevant analytics and data on all key components.


Secure access anywhere via SSL connection.


Interact with your team on more organized level.

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